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Every Other Day Diet Review: Can You Lose Tons Of Excess Belly Fat While Still Being Able To Eat All Of Your Favorite Foods?


Yes you can with the Every Other Day Diet.

With this diet there are no magic pills, no fad diets, and no counting calories.

It maybe one of the most "Real World" diets to come around in a long time.

So you have probably heard of the Every Other Day Diet (EODD) at some point considering it has been around for a number of years.

The question is what it can do for you. Could this really be the last "diet" you ever go on?

I don't want to waste anyone's time here.

I simply want to tell you about a program that has completely changed many people's lives.

If you are tired of being overweight and of being ripped off by useless diets, read on...

Introducing...The Every Other Day Diet

EODD was the result of three professional trainers putting their heads together to develop a plan that would deliver rapid yet healthy results. Jon Benson, Holly Rigsby, and Daniel Hopkins wanted to find a weight loss plan that went beyond the ho-hum diet and exercise strategies that were available at the time.

Most of the weight loss programs on the market force temporary losses through severe calorie cuts or even forbidding particular food categories (usually carbohydrates). Instead of losing weight and keeping it off healthfully, you end up creating havoc inside your body. Severe cravings for "forbidden" foods make it nearly impossible to stay on plan long term. Ultimately, you end up heavier than ever.

The most detrimental flaw in a very restrictive diet is being forced to give up meals that you sincerely love and enjoy. This is actually a psychological trap because you will start to focus on and crave the very things you are telling yourself to give up. It's no wonder dieting is such a horrible experience we all avoid!

This was the competition Jon and his allies were up against, so they set out to find an alternative.

Besides being top notch trainers, why should you trust the creators of this diet? What makes them so different from any other trainer with a website? What made me really trust them was discovering that they used to be overweight themselves. Before starting up their website, Jon and Holly both went through their own weight loss journeys and dropped well over 60 pounds each.

These are people who understand both sides of the coin. They don't just want to sell you some diet that looks good on paper but fails in real life. They know what that weight loss journey is like and they want to make it easier and DOABLE so many other people will follow behind their example.

 Actual Every Other Day Diet Users:

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Understanding the Diet

Not only did they make the EODD realistic for every day life, but they made it incredibly simple. You basically have two separate meal plans which you rotate from one day to another.

One day you will consume healthy foods packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are high in protein and then the next you can eat literally anything that sounds good. Simple! But is it too simple?

It actually is not "too simple" once you really think it through. The days that you eat healthier foods will be lower calorie days with lots of protein to support more lean muscle mass. On the other days you are allowed to eat freely so that you never feel you are missing out on something.

The only trick is that you have to use reasonable portion control while eating foods normally "forbidden" on a diet. Fill up and stop eating. No stuffing until you have to unbutton your jeans!

On this plan, food becomes something you enjoy rather than something you despise. There is no need to binge because every other day you can eat freely. Nothing is "forbidden."

The Finer Details

every other day diet

So, what's the catch? There are some minor rules that have to be followed for this diet to work, but they are livable for most people. Basically, you have to watch your sources of protein and time some of your meals appropriately.

The good news is Jon Benson thought of all aspects of weight loss when he put the Every Other Day Diet together. Instead of just dumping you with a bunch of rules, he delivers a lot of support and resources to make your weight loss journey easier.

Besides the eating plan, he gives you access to a support network and free emails with tips and motivational messages for an entire year. Over 80 recipes are delivered when you first start the diet, plus more are emailed to you weekly so your plan will never get boring or repetitive.

You also get immediate access to a personal training program which shows you how to properly perform exercises mentioned in the Every Other Day Diet book and an audio file that will guide you through a motivating weight loss hypnosis session.

You also get some extra reading resources, including...

  • An eBook on posture that will help you sit up tall for better health.
  • An eBook on cholesterol that will shatter all the mistruths and help you better protect our heart.
  • An eBook on hormones to help you determine if you may have a hormonal problem that could make losing weight more difficult.
  • Information on how women can achieve the body of their dreams.

Most diets do not address the mental aspects of weight loss at all, but the Every Other Day Diet covers that plus every other issue that you will encounter on your journey to a healthier life.

Every Other Day Diet Advantages

The biggest advantage to using this plan is that you see very fast results without having to completely deprive yourself. It is not just focused on forcing out some water weight that will come right back and it isn't so restrictive that your body loses more muscle mass than fat. The focus is on designing a healthy lifestyle that is so easy you can follow it the rest of your life...which means you will stay thin the rest of your life! Read more about the diet here.

The support offered is also an advantage as it will increase your chances of being successful. Anyone interested in losing the weight in an effective, healthy manner that can be maintained forever should look into this program.

This program has the ability to change your life and I hope you will at the very least, give it a shot.

Visit The Official Every Other Day Diet Website

To Your Health,

Your Key To Weight Loss Success

Accuracy Disclosure: keyweightloss.com has not directly tested this product, but has conducted research into the alleged results of other users who claim to have used the product. The accuracy of both the publisher's research and alleged user results cannot be guaranteed.


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