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Lose Weight Really Fast


Can an individual lose weight really fast? It depends on what is meant on really fast. If you want to lose 30 pounds in two weeks you probably could but that wouldnt be very healthy. Typically when people lose weight at a rapid there are sick with the flu or have a medical condition. You cant lose a great deal of weight too fast because your body isnt ready to adapt to the changes so quickly.

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Rapid weight loss is done through not eating - yeah, its not rocket science. But when you start eating regularly you will regain the weight as fast as you lost it. What does that mean? This means you cant starve yourself to keep the weight off if you lose weight really fast. The average amount of weight you should lose per is between 3-4 pounds. People lose weight at different rates so you may lose 3-4 pounds per week and not even feel the difference. If you are more than 300 pounds losing 10-20 may not feel like much - if you are 50 pounds soaking wet and lose 5 pounds you might feel the difference.

If you want to lose a few pounds per week here are some steps you can take. For one week eat nothing but healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, proteins, low-calorie drinks, and whole grains. Avoid junk food and deserts when you want to lose weight really fast as if they were poison, dont even look at them. Do this for one week and you should lose at least 2-3 pounds surely. Even snacks you have in that time frame, make sure it is a fruit or low-fat yogurt. After the week, not you can reward yourself with one desert.

If you lose weight your skin may become very loose and you could develop gallstones - a small, hard crystalline mas formed abnormally in the gall bladder or bile ducts from bile pigments, cholesterol and calcium salts. Losing weight really fast isnt a long term solution to your weight problem. If you can do what was mentioned above for a week, you can extend the diet for two weeks, three weeks and for the next six months if necessary. If you can get into an unhealthy eating pattern you get into a healthy eating pattern.

Try the week diet and see how you feel, if you feel you can continue this way for a long term period then that is great. If you struggle with this type of diet to lose weight really fast then maybe you are not ready. No one can force you to do anything, just give it a chance.

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