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Strip That Fat Review

strip that fat review

Strip That Fat is a comprehensive, user-friendly nutrition ane exercise guides to help create a better you. Sometimes when reading these "experts" books we are turned by overly complicated language that doesn’t make sense. Strip That Fat is an easy read and before you realize it you will be finished with the book. Compared to other weight loss books, Strip That Fat is relatively short at 95-pages.

The majority of the book focus’s on the "15 Dieting Aha’s." Catchy name right? These "Aha’s" are very basic yet very informative at the same time. Common knowledge is needed for a higher understanding of why and why don’t certain diet plans work. While this program won’t explain in detail, they give you the basic understanding of the "why’s" and why not’s".

The Diet Generator is one of the more interesting features in the Strip That Fat book. What the Diet Generator let’s you select different meals from the five different food groups. This is where the magic happens. The Diet Generator then shuffles them to give you a 14-day meal plan with 5 meals per day. The Diet Generator will go one step further by creating a shopping list for you. Many of us hate going to store because either we don’t like shopping in general or we don’t know what to choose when it comes to food.

There are many features that are included in the Strip That Fat program such as Living Life Healthy recipe guide, Calworries (another catchy name).

In our Strip That Fat review we wanted to mention that this is a good guide for those looking to lose weight and not overwhelmed with overly complicated facts and explanations. This type of program seems as if it was written from a person who dealt with weight issues previous and wants to pass on helpful weight loss information. This is definitely a program that is for the common man or woman to get a head start on your weight loss path.

 strip that fat review

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